Christian - Orthodox TV series “I will recognize you by your deeds” was aired from 2013 to 2018 on the National channel TV 5 Plus and TV 5. Through it, the viewers were educated on Orthodoxy through numerous documentary surveys and interviews with top authorities on various topics. Attached is parts of the content from the programs that were put on the DVD.

  • “CHRISTMAS” - the program gives exhaustive information illustrated with videos from the period of the birth of the Holy Virgin Mary to the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ. All important events and moments related to this holiday were explained in detail, and it is pointed out why this is the main holiday, the mother of all other holidays, and where today the main relics related to the holiday, from that time.
  • “EASTER” - the program details the events that mark each day of the Holy Week in the Church, which is the last week before the Easter Day. It educates believers on how to properly mark the days that happened in the last days of the life of the Lord Jesus Christ, which is the resurrection of Christ himself, and why it is so important for every person and all mankind.
  • THE MIRACLES OF THE HOLY VIRGIN MARY - TV TITLE “HOLY VIRGIN MARY - PROTECTOR OF MACEDONIA". An extraordinary documentary testimony to the miracles of the Holy Virgin Mary at the time of the Stalinism, in 1948, when the Holy Virgin Mary - Mother of God appeared on the windows in many places in Macedonia, which about many witnesses are speaking.
  • "THE CULT OF SAINT NICOLA IN THE WORLD AND MAVROVO'S VILLAGE". This program depicts the life and miracles of St. Nicholas, and is supplemented with unknown information. The oldest inhabitants speak about the Orthodox customs and life in the village once, and for the old and new Churches dedicated to St. Nicholas. Also, for the first time, the place of the birth house of the first Archbishop of MOC-OA after the Second World War, His Beatitude Dositej, was also revealed.
  • "THE CULT OF ST. GEORGE IN THE WORLD AND IN THE VILLAGE BUCHIN ". An extraordinary story for the founder of the church dedicated to St. George. Numerous testimonies of the miracles of St. George in Prilep and in the world.
  • "TO REGRET AND TO CONFESS – THE PATH TO SALVATION” FIRST AND SECOND PART. The most comprehensive interview on this subject with professor PhD Jovan Takovski, which gives all answers about the significance of the confession with practical advice on how to properly confess.
  • ‘HOW TO CELEBRATE A HOME FEAST?” FIRST, SECOND AND THIRD PART. With the priest Stojko Ristoski, we talked in detail about all practical aspects of respecting a home glory and it is visually presented what should practically be done in order to properly celebrate the glory.
  • “THE LIGHT OF THE VILLAGE VEVCHANI” - A documentary rich informative and video story about 7 churches in Vevchani, its history and the wonders of this region.
  • "THE CULT OF ST. VARVARA IN THE WORLD AND THE VILLAGE OF ZHUZNJE "- The unique story of the forgotten church in the village of Zhuznje on mountain Korab and the love and dedication of the inhabitant Krste to the church. He dies alone, freezing himself in the church, and he is buried in front of the Church by the inhabitants of that village of Albanian origin. Collocutor Dusko Sharevski.
  • "ST. CYRIL AND METHODIUS - 1150 YEARS FROM THE MISSION OF MORAVIA"- this program is rare and extraordinary work, which contains not only exhaustive life and details of the rich life path and the struggle of the holy brothers, but also extraordinary explanations for the blessed creation of the Glagolitic alphabet and the meaning of the letters, which have a Christian background and meaning. All Slavic peoples acquire their alphabet, through Christianity, precisely from Macedonia and the Macedonian dialect. Collocutors Prof. Ph.D Jovan Belchovski, Academician Petar Ilievski and others.