Top World back in 2014 began with the production of the TV series called IN CLUB, in which new products, services or activities were promoted from every aspect of life, that are useful for the people and for the modern and healthy lifestyle. Specific for this TV series comparing to other series like this, is that we produce educational TV contents and presentations of products and services that contribute for the good of the people! If for example there is promotion of a car, for the most secure car seats for children, or for a car that cause as less as possible pollution of the environment, if computers are promoted than it would be computers are harmless for the brain cells, if it is a recipe than it would be healthy one, if it is cosmetics it would be organic one, if it is surgery it would be the one that is newest and with as less as possible risks or negative impact on the health etc. In all we do, we are led by the criteria to promote everything that is confirmed to be useful for a qualitative and healthy lifestyle, not just modern and trendy. It is the case for the criteria of the TV series IN CLUB, too.